Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Human Entropy Project

For better or worse, I've dedicated the past year to this project. It has to do with the concept of entropy and how it affects identity. It is a synthetic swarm, where people are multiplied many times over. They are flung into the air, repositioned, and scrambled into these massive collages. I took several thousands of photographs and spent countless hours manipulating and arranging them. Most of these images are printable at 60" x 48" at 400 dpi.... incredibly high res (i think so anyway) for their size. Here are some of the latest images:

(detail image from the one above)

I can't say that I knew much about photography before I started this project, and I'm not sure that I know very much more now. What I don't know I hope I make up for in tenacity and plain stupid hard work. I bought my first DSLR just to do this. It's been quite and odyssey and I have to thank all the friends who modeled for me. Each of the images you see above (and below) are not some thing that was spit out by a computer algorithm and I do NOT use Processing (although I probably should.) Each was painstakingly arranged over hours and days and weeks.