Thursday, February 25, 2010

Manifest Equality - Group Art Show This Week

I have a painting in this show <<><>< I know it sounds crazy but I entered a contest to be in it, and out of over a thousand entries I won! I'm one of 5 contest winners showing work along side a huge number of other amazing artists. I definitely have to thank Freddi Cerasoli who is in the show and told me about the contest. Come next week, either to the opening wednesday night or the big party saturday. It is all of course for a really good cause. see you there!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Blowin' up in Japan <<< Plus 81 Magazine

I just got published in a Japanese art magazine called PLUS 81, (or +81) for their Spring Issue on Pattern Graphics.

Watch the little animation and midway thru you'll see some of my art go flashing by on the pages.

This is a really, really high quality magazine, and they were super nice, and I still can't believe I got in it.
2010_02_26 update: This magazine is tough to find in the U.S., BUT>>>> apparently you can find it in New York here, maybe here and hopefully soon in Los Angeles at Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo. We went there today and they had many copies of the magazine.