Wednesday, December 28, 2011

updates, reworkings, new things

Untitled, 52" x 72"

Untitled, 52" x 72"

Untitled, 58" x 75"

some background about this project - It is ongoing for 2 years now. The project is about the politics of friendship, social structure, and the threshold between the everyday and the sublime. Everyone here is someone that is a friend or that I have a social connection with. In this sense it is a sort of vast social diagram. It is also a form of critique of synthetic friendship and mediated interaction via technology. That's the short explanation anyway. It is an aggregation and distillation of tens of thousands of photos taken of many people who all have this shared experience (of being photographed one-by-one) that connects and also separates them.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Leaning Tower of Patricia

Prismatic Patricia, 96" x 72", 2011 
Leaning Tower of Patricia, 72"" x 50", 2011 

Prismatic Patrick, 96" x 72", 2011